The Story of Kitchen Connaisseur


The Ultimate Culinary Experience

Kitchen Connaisseur has an array of products for the culinary minded! They include savoury and dessert sauces, oils, vinegars, pasta, hors d’oeuvre, and herbs for cooking. Our products can be used to prepare a one dish meal for a quick family dinner, or to create an elaborate special occasion menu.

Kitchen Connaisseur was founded on a time saving philosophy. This dynamic line of products has been created with one goal in mind – to cut preparation time for busy individuals, while ensuring the finished dish exudes quality.

In 1989 Sheena McLeod, a Dietician and graduate of the University of Western Ontario, created Kitchen Connaisseur. As a Quality Assurance expert, Sheena has an extensive background in menu planning, recipe development and quality standards. Hence the magnificent recipes found in the “Connaisseur Collection” cookbook, and the array of products used to form the basis of dishes such as:

Our Mission – to make the task of cooking fast and flavourful!